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Electrode microstructure analysis  
Researchers at the Materials and Device Engineering Group visualise Li ion battery material microstructures and quantify transport parameters to gain better understanding of battery performance and material behaviour.

The Materials and Device Engineering Group investigates the potential of nanostructured materials in electronic devices at each point in the energy life-cycle - collection, storage, and usage. Using a combination of experiment and theory, we study the fundamental electronic properties of nanostructured materials and apply our findings to the rational design of devices that harness the novel form factors and properties provided by nanomaterials. We focus on the design and fabrication of nanostructured systems for solid state devices including solar cells, batteries, and efficient LEDs. Guided by insights from proof-of-concept devices, we also investigate methods for commercial production of the devices, with particular focus on the development of novel techniques for industrial-scale materials growth and deposition. 

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