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Analog and Mixed Signal Design

The analog and mixed signal design group lead by Prof. Qiuting Huang specializes in the analysis, design and optimization of state-of-the-art integrated circuits for a broad range of applications such as wireless and wireline communications, sensor interfaces and integrated system for biomedical applications and power management for autonomous IoE nodes.

Digital Circuits and Systems Group

The Digital Circuits and Systems Group lead by Prof. Luca Benini centers around the design and testing of energy-efficient digital systems, especially ultra-low-power System-on-Chip designs. The group is active in the area of smart sensors and sensor networks for consumer, biomedical and ambient intelligence applications.

Materials and Device Engineering Group

The Materials and Device Engineering group (Laboratory for Nanoelectronics) lead by Prof. Vanessa Wood uses a combination of experiment and theory to study the fundamental properties of solution processed devices containing nanostructured materials.  Guided by insights from proof-of-concept devices, the group investigates methods for commercial production of the devices, with particular focus on the development of novel techniques for industrial-scale materials growth and deposition. More information:


The Nano-TCAD group lead by Prof. Mathieu Luisier and Prof. Andreas Schenk develops and applies numerical algorithms to investigate nanodevices ranging from next generation transistors to thermoelectric generators and optoelectronic devices. Novel simulation approaches based on quantum mechanics are employed to accurately model today nanostructures and predict their behavior before fabrication. More information:

Physical Characterization

The Physical Characterization Group lead by Dr. Mauro Ciappa focuses on understanding failure in microelectronics devices, using electronic and physical characterization methods.

Bio Electromagnetics

The Bio Electromagnetics Group works to both quantifies and models the interaction of electromagnetic radiation from wireless technologies with the human body and develops medical monitoring systems to measure specified physiological data with provide location-based information.  More information:

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